United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz sent out a letter this week to individual customers. The sentiments reflect the spirit that people are seeing across the world. Here is what Oscar Munoz had to say to me :

What Oscar Munoz had to say

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and well.

It is safe to say these past weeks have been among some of the most tumultuous and emotional that any of us can remember in our lifetimes. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been felt by individuals and families, companies and communities, across the United States and around the world.

The response to this crisis has been extraordinary; as much for what it has required from our society as for what it has revealed of us as a people.

Far from causing division and discord, this crisis and the social distancing it has required, has allowed us to witness something profound and moving about ourselves: our fond and deeply felt wish to be connected with one another.

The role of connector is one we’re privileged to play in the moments that matter most in your life – weddings and graduations, birthdays and business trips, events large and small – and it’s that responsibility that motivates us most to get back to our regular service, as soon as possible.

That is why it is so important our government acted on a comprehensive relief act to ensure our airline – and our industry – are ready and able to serve you again when this crisis abates.

I want to relay to you, in as deeply personal a way I can, the heartfelt appreciation of my 100,000 United team members and their families for this vital public assistance to keep America and United flying for you.

This support will save jobs in our business and many others. And it allows us time to make decisions about the future of our airline to ensure that we can offer you the service you deserve and have come to expect as our customers.

While consumer demand has fallen, we have seen the need for our service and capabilities shifted. And, we’ve adapted to help meet those needs.

Right now, aircraft flying the United livery and insignia, flown by our aviation professionals, have been repurposed to deliver vital medical supplies and goods to some of the places that need it most. We’re also using several of our idle widebody aircraft to use as dedicated charter cargo flights, at least 40 times per week, to transfer freight to and from U.S. locations as well as to key international business locations. At the same time, we are working in concert with the U.S. State Department to bring stranded Americans who are trying to return home back to their loved ones.

While much remains uncertain right now, one thing is for sure: this crisis will pass. Our nation and communities will recover and United will return to service you, our customers. When that happens, we want you to fly United with even greater pride because of the actions we took on behalf of our customers, our employees and everyone we serve.

Stay safe and be well,

Oscar Munoz CEO , United Airlines

United Airlines are not the only company offering services

You look at what United Airlines are doing and compare this with the news headlines Mike Ashley of Sport’s Direct grabbed and they are world’s apart.

Mike Ashley has now done the decent thing and offered his fleet of vehicles to the NHS. Only after the negative publicity after lobbying to continue to trade. Arguing that his sports branded clothing shops should remain open as a service to humanity.

These are indeed difficult times and businesses across the globe will suffer during these times. What we need is that spirit and sense of purposes to pull together and maintain a sense of a global nation. This virus needs to be fought and transport and logistics form a large part of this. But this needs to be done in a humane way. A way which allows the world to slow down to stem the effects we have seen in China, Italy and beyond.

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