UK Tech sector soars in the South East

The UK tech sector has been at the forefront of our export sector for many years and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2016 the tech sector was responsible for £55 Billion in goods and services. In 2017 it contributed £130.50 billion to the UK economy.

Which countries does the UK tech sector focus on

UK Technology companies key overseas markets over the last few years were cominated by the USA. £10.3 Billion in 2017 with Switzerland contributing £2.1 Billion matching the Gulf States. The UK digial sector accounts for nearly a quarter of all UK exports on their own.

Is London driving this Technology boom

Although the tech sector in the UK is dominated by London that is not the clear winner. The South East of the United Kingdom is the true home of the UK tech sector. In the South East the country produces world class technology and cutting edge innovation. Companies across the region are seeing increased interest in their quality products. This further fuels the technology sectors export capabilities.

White Gloves exports

Exports from the South East continue to grow and our white gloves service offering and express courier products remain in heavy demand.

We see more and more enquiries for our top level export services. Our online order management system also helps with our UK tech exporters allowing them to focus on what they are good at.

“Mark Reid, Commercial Manager. Connaught Air Services. A leading freight forwarder to the UK tech sector.

A UK tech sector success story

Gold-i export to 33 countries worldwide.  A global player based in Guildford, Surrey. At the heart of the UK Tech sector.

Guildford based Gold-i is a perfect example of a successful tech company developing exports. This FinTech company was the first to win a Queen’s award for Enterprise in innovation. The business currently exports to 33 countries including Australia, China and Malysia. Gold-i say that they are particularly strong in the Australian market. International exports in 2018 accounted for 68% of all sales with estimates showing 80% by 2022. With an overall staffing level of 30 people in Guilford they are not a big employer of people but a big success story in the export market.

UK exporters need a roadmap for success

If you are looking to export then the best place to start is with an open to export roadmap and a strong freight forwarder in your sector. Research your freight forwarder thoroughly before determining your partner. Do not choose based solely on rates, especially in the early days as their are many pitfalls.

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