UK exports : A boom time for all 4 nations

Whether your business is in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland the UK export sector is booming.

Data released by the HMRC on the 06th June shows how positive the UK export market is. Every UK nation recorded a greater value of goods exports in the 2018-2019 financial year.

UK exports 2018-2019

In the 2018-2019 financial year, UK Exports rose :

  • Scotland up 12.9% to £32.8bn
  • Wales up 7.5% to £17.7bn
  • Northern Ireland up 4.4% to £9.0bn
  • England up 3% to £251.9bn

All of the UK nations have recorded a minimum of 3 years goods growth. Culminating in an extremely rosy picture for UK exports.

This hasn’t just been business which traditionally export. The total number of exporting businesses has also grown. In the first quarter of 2019, 110,831 business exported goods overseas. That figure is 5073 higher than the same period the previous year.

All 4 exporting nations are on the up.

There are now more businesses exporting goods in every UK nation than ever before. A boom time for freight forwarders but shippers beware. With an increase in trade comes a need to ensure you are using a freight forwarder that suits.

As freight forwarders continue to try and offer a one stop shop scenario UK exporters it is more important than ever that UK shippers evaluate their supply chain. Understanding and developing an Export action plan with their freight forwarder is key to continuing the success of the UK export market.

The only weak sector within the transport industry presently is airfreight. With global volumes down worldwide. Exports from the UK are no exception to this but with sea & road exports booming this is the only blot on the nations supply chain market.

Aircraft flying, UK exports conintue to grow but the airfreight sector remains down.
Exports from the UK continue to grow but the airfreight sector remains down.

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