Turkish Airlines and Xi’an, The Silk Road complete

Turkish Airlines have added Xi’an to it’s flight network for 2020 with it’s first flight operating on the 30th December of 2019. Xi’an is the historical starting place of the Silk Road. By adding Xi’an to their existing China network Turkish Airlines have strengthened their position in the Far East.

China opening up to inbound trade

At a time when China is looking to reduce trade tariffs worldwide these additional flights are ideal. Strengthening inbound cargo capacity from 126 countries across Turkish Airlines network. Operating 3x Weekly with a wide-bodied A330 increases capacity into and out of China. Turkish Airlines started flights to China back in 1999. Today they now operate to 4 destinations in Mainland China. Linking China to 318 destinations around the world.

Turkish Airlines and the Silk Road

The Silk Road operated from Xi’An to Venice. The airline now encompass the entirety of this historical trading route. This also co-incides with the resurgence of the Silk Road as a gateway to the west. With new Rail services in operation from China to Europe.

Turkish Airlines and the Silk Road
Turkish Airlines and the Silk Road

We conclude the year by adding a very special city to our flight network after numerous innovations in various areas and the move to our new home that took place during 2019. We will carry our guests to 126 countries from Xi’an, one of the most significant historical capitals while transferring the historical Silk Road to above clouds with our cargo operations. Our new flights will also contribute to the tourist numbers coming to our country with the increasing attention from Chinese tourists to tourism centers of Turkey.”

Bilal Eksi, Turkish Airlines General Manager

Airline moves to new airport late in 2018

With the airline’s move to ISL in Turkey they have upgraded their whole transshipment hub. These changes transformed their services for both passengers and cargo. Now viewed as one of the major transshipment hubs into the Far East it competes head-on with the Middle Eastern airlines.

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