Qatar Airways adds Macau to it’s direct USA portfolio

Adding transpacific freighter services to it’s USA market seems like a bit of a gamble at a time of increased tariffs.  Especially considering the flight option chosen for departure in China is Macau but there is a lot more to it than just Macau.

The whole Greater Bay Project in China is under-seeing great investment and the close proximity of Macau to Zhuhai, Guangdong province and Hong Kong could see it become a major force in Chinese exports.  At least that is the belief that some have with the infrastructure projects taking place.  China’s focus on infrastructure in the River Delta region is key to a vision  being sought.  Bringing Hong Kong close to China’s mainland by physically linking the island into China

World’s longest sea crossing

Hong Kong to Mainland China
The West Section of the 34 mile bridge between Hong Kong and Zhuhaui

If you want to travel between Zhuhai and Hong Kong hop on a bridge.  Not just any bridge but a 34 mile span which connects Hong Kong to Macau and the mainland Chinese city of Zhuhai.  Part sub-merged to allow vessels to travel into the River Delta you now can.  In reality the limited special permits only issued under a quota system and heavy tolls means this project in the short term may be a bit of a whit elephant rather than a highlight to an explosion in trade moving into and out of Macau.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong is home to major industrial and manufacturing centres and is situated on the West side of the Pearl River Delta.  Electronics, Garments and E-Commerce goods which presently fly out of Guangzhou International may well be attracted to a direct flight into the USA from Macau.

Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo, Mr. Guillaume Halleux, said: “We have launched our newest freighter destination, Macau, just in time for the holiday season when air freight demand is high and the market is strong. The new services will connect manufacturing industries and exporters from the region to North America directly and quickly, without requiring a stopover at our hub in Doha. The launch of these services demonstrates our commitment to our customers in helping their businesses grow, while also enabling us to expand our presence in these key regions.”  See full press release here.

Qatar Airways are already heavily invested in China with Freighters from Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai and this additional freighter may free up some space into Europe as it bypasses Doha,  All other freighters transit Qatar’s home airport but this aircraft will fly DOH – MACAU – LAX – MEX – LGG – DOH.  100 Tonnes of cargo is offered on each leg and as this is a modern B777 it’s range and cargo hold size is deemed perfect for a direct flight.

Macau may well become a vital link in the freight supply chain out of Southern China.  Somebody has to pioneer this and Qatar Airways are giving it a go.


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