London Lorry Control Scheme put on hold

London councils agree to suspend the London Lorry Control Scheme with immediate effect. To ease the burden on the freight and logistics industry whilst keeping London’s shops stocked. Pressure has mounted due to the COVID-19 virus on stores across the capital.

The decision to suspend is in response to concerns from the freight industry surrounding night-time restrictions on deliveries.

Protecting and supporting Londoners, including our most vulnerable residents, is the boroughs’ top priority as London rises to the unprecedented challenge of coronavirus. Suspending enforcement of the London Lorry Control Scheme will give hauliers peace of mind as they work under incredible pressure to supply London’s shops and other businesses with vital goods our residents need

Councillor Peter John, Chair of London Councils said

What is the London Lorry Control Scheme

The scheme’s design helps control the routes large lorries use overnight and at weekends. Specifically to minimise noise pollution for those living in the capital. The environmental protection scheme operates 7 days a week. It doesn’t ban other routes but does work on a permit scheme. On restricted roads vehicles over 18 Tonne must have a permit.

FTA and its members strongly welcome the London Councils’ decision to suspended temporarily the London Lorry Control Scheme. This is a vital step forward in the industry’s response to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Both the FTA and the RHA have come out in support of this move. The initial suspension is due to run until the 30th April but will remain under review. At which point they may extend if deemed necessary by London councils.

By extending the hours in which deliveries can be made, it strengthens the resilience of the supply chain and helps businesses to keep supermarkets stocked with the essential items consumers need to remain healthy and safe during this unprecedented time, including food, hygiene products and other basic items

David Wells, chief executive of the Freight Transport Association
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