iPort rail chooses Fargo Systems’ software for terminal operations.

Fargo SystemsFargo systems is pleased to announce that its market-leading logistics software has been selected and implemented by iPort Rail, the new intermodal rail freight facility at iPort, the UK’s most advanced multimodal logistics park. The state-of-the-art rail terminal that sits within the 337-acre iPort logistics park in Doncaster is using Fargo’s highly successful CYMAN and TOPS solutions for all its terminal operations.

iPort Rail is using CYMAN, Fargo’s comprehensive container and yard management software solution for its terminal operations with a real time EDI interface from TOPS, providing complete visibility of the supply chain and making it possible to plan both road and rail arrivals and departures. All back-office functions are also manged by CYMAN, which has integration to their accounts system, maximising terminal operational efficiency. CYMAN manages all aspects of a modern container yard or intermodal terminal operations and has fully automated EDI links with shipping lines providing in/out gate and CODECO messaging, maintenance and repair, along with a storage rating module and a yard jobs management and scheduling module.

CYMAN’s full rating module provides the flexibility to differentiate lift, storage, job and repair charges by; yard, customer, container type, full or empty as well as numerous other factors. The jobs module within CYMAN provides the control of managing and recording tasks within the yard that are carried out on containers whilst in the care of iPort Rail, together with the ability to raise and invoice appropriate charges. CYMAN also provides a solution to managing the shunting operation of containers between the terminal and yard.

Who are iPort rail

iPort Rail, the UK’s first new inland rail freight hub for a decade, is a 30-acre multimodal, independently operated high volume, secure container site, with 24-hour access. Delivering high-speed connectivity to the North of England and beyond, the rail terminal is integrated into the iPort logistics hub so that occupiers can directly access the rail terminal using their own specialist vehicles on the facility’s private roads. Providing a truly multimodal logistics solution, the iPort Rail terminal has the capacity for the longest trains in the UK and connects to the UK rail network via the South Yorkshire Joint Freight Line. Its positioning and design delivers quick and efficient logistics connectivity to all parts of the UK reachable by the UK rail networks and direct access with important Motorways in South Yorkshire (M18, M1, M62).

What does iPort rail have to say

Commenting on the iPort Rail contract Steve Collins, Director, Fargo Systems states, “We are delighted to be working with such a cutting-edge facility. The sheer scope of the iPort offering is phenomenal from a multimodal logistics perspective. iPort needed a supplier who understands the industry and who could not only provide reliable and robust modern solutions but who could also support a new business as it develops in the industry. Selecting Fargo Systems gave iPort immediate access to important supply chain links and interfaces. Connecting TOPS to port system interfaces populates accurate information in TOPS relating to the import containers and provides the ability to electronically release containers. The combination of CYMAN and TOPS delivers the ideal solution for an operation like this, as their design and scalability make them suitable for all scenarios.”

Andy Wishart, Operations Manager for iPort Rail comments, “Fargo Systems is well known throughout the industry for its ability to innovate and for the vast operational knowledge of its team of consultants. As a new facility with a newly established team, we not only valued their product expertise but also their extensive knowledge of industry practice in helping to define our processes. What sets Fargo apart is the fact that they become an integral part of your business and they have the ability to be both reactive to, and mindful of, your business procedures. Their systems are easy to use and highly flexible, which is why Fargo was the natural choice for us when looking for a management solution for our terminal operations.”

iPort rail brochure detailing what iPort does is available from here

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