IPAFFS : What is it and do my importers need it.

IPAFFS is the replacement system for TRACES for UK importers if after BREXIT we leave the EU without a deal. Your importers need to register for IPAFFS. they will not be able to import some foodstuffs from outside EEA countries if they do not.

If you import food into the UK then you will have heard of TRACES ( Trade Control and Expert System ). Your importers of foodstuffs should also by now have registered for IPAFFS. Importers should be urged to register well before the “BREXIT” deadline. There is likely to be a rush of applications close to the BREXIT date which may delay registration.

What is IPAFFS

Quite simply IPAFFS is the replacement system for TRACES as TRACES is the European system. The UK loses access to TRACES upon implementation of a no deal BREXIT.

IPAFFS is a web-based service for the applicaion for, and issuing of Common Veterinary Entry Documents (CVEDs).

CVEDs : used for imports from outside the EU of live animals, their products and germplasm.

IPAFFS : used to notify UK authorities of movements of the above goods.

Where do I go for more information

For Further information on this you need to read the BIP user guidance. The government website is up to date with the correct forms for notifying the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

How to access IPAFFS

Import agents will need government gateway credentials to log into IPAFFS. Border inspection posts ( BIPs) and DPEs will not be able to reset passwords for import agents. The Government Gateway service is the only place to reset passwords.

The person who raises the import notification will be the person responsible for the load. You cannot override this so you need to review your procedures to ensure you handle this correctly. This may mean a re-write of internal AEO procedures as well as a change to who handles your application. Should the forwarder or the importer declare into IPAFFs.

Boris Johnson has indicated that even without a deal the UK will leave the EU on the 31st October. Both Europe and the UK are indicating that a no-deal BREXIT is now highly likely. It is worth therefore discussing with your importers IPAFFS. Ensuring they are ready well before the implementation date. The above links within this article should provide you with enough information to guide your customers.

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