IATA latest industry press releases

The International Air Transport Association better known as IATA is the trade association for the world’s airlines.  They represent over 82% of the total air traffic globally and represent, lead and serve the airline industry.  The governing trade body produces regular press releases that cover key facts and figures for Freight forwarders globally.  If you want to know what the leading governing body in the air industry think’s this is the place for you.

Airfreight forwarders and press releases

Air freight forwarders and operators do not always have the time to scour the internet and keep upto date with the latest information provided worldwide.  these press releases are thought provoking and relevant to the airfreight forwarding community and by following these links you will be taken directly to IATA’s website who publish this information.

IATA and the Airfreight forwarding community

Forwarders Matter is not registered with or have an affiliation to IATA.  The links and information above are relevant to all freight forwarders and especially those air freight forwarding companies trading with the UK.  Airfreight is a major part of UK trade and so what the governing body for this mode of transport has to say is key in providing safe and secure airfreight services.

IATA, International Air Transport Association, press releases for the freight forwarding community

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