HMRC extensions to CHIEF now closed

As Forwarders Matter advised for those still struggling with CDS after its implementation date could request an extension. Those who could not be ready for the 01st September could apply for an extension. On the 20th September HMRC confirmed that they were looking to close off all additional extensions come the 31st October 2022. Forwarders Matter understands from the HMRC that this has now been completed.

H.M.Revenue & Customs
HMRC & CHIEF almost fully complete

Is everybody now on CDS

Well not quite. Extensions beyond the 31st October have been granted in exceptional circumstances. An example given has been where a software developer isn’t quite ready but could evidence a plan of action to show where they would be.

For the majority CDS is being used for entry into the United Kingdom. Freight forwarders and logistics companies are finding that the system is working and there has been little issue. No backlogs at ports caused by HMRC’s move onto CDS. The next stage will likely be data integrity with HMRC reviewing the quality of the customs declaration. Here importers may see an upturn in queries sent directly by HMRC to the importer. Especially if freight forwarders have their direct representation documentation in order.

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