New to exporting, look for an Export action plan

All businesses operating overseas should have an Import or Export action plan.  A thought out set of objectives which they are looking to achieve to keep them on track.  Certainly developing a plan is key to avoiding the pitfalls that exporters often fall into.  As well as chatting with a comprehensive multi-modal freight forwarder there is plenty of information out there from many sources.  Government websites and the Chamber of commerce for businesses are two such sites and there are many more.  Our site, Forwarders Matter although aimed at the freight forwarder has a wealth of information within our articles.   This article discusses the export action plan competition run by

Who is Open to Export

Open to export is a free online information service from the Institute of Export & International trade.  This free online service is dedicated to helping small UK businesses get ready to export and expand internationally.  Their website has a wealth of free information and practical advice on exporting.  Their online Export action plan tool helps businesses create a roadmap to successful new markets overseas.

Who is behind Open to Export

Open to export was founded by the Institute of Export & International Trade, Department for International Trade, the Federation of Small Business and Yell 

Open to Export action plan competition

The key date is Friday 25th January 2019.  The main prize, £3000 towards your ‘Roadmap to export success’.  Sponsored by Bibby Financial Services, 10 finalists will be invited to the showcase final at Euler Hermes offices in London.  As an online competition you can store and work on your action plan.  You do not need to submit it in one go and by building your roadmap over time will encourage you to think about what you hope to achieve.

Who is eligible to enter

develop an export action plan for your roadmap to succssEntry is eligible to companies who submit their Export action plans and meet the competition criteria.  As the Export action plan is entered online it can be stored and worked on over time.  It only needs to be completed and submitted by the 25th January 2019 and essentially you will be working with Open to Export’s own online Export action plan tool.

The competition is open to SME’s who are new to exporting and employ fewer than 50 employees.  They need to be based in the UK and planning to enter new markets.  The judges are looking out for SME’s who would really benefit from winning this prize.

This isn’t the only method of funding out there and we would strongly recommend working with a good, knowledgeable multi-modal freight forwarder.  Picking the right freight forwarder is key to your success and should be chosen based on your knowledge of the exporting or importing process.   Biggest isn’t always best and SME’s should look at a freight forwarder who is capable of providing the assistance they need.  The smaller the freight forwarder the more human touch and closer to your business they will be.  Most SME’s need a medium-sized freight forwarder for their business.  You may well find when developing your Export action plan including your freight forwarder early in your plans pays dividends in the long run.


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