Emirates Skycargo offers A380’s as mini-charters

Emirates Skycargo has an issue with passenger numbers and as the largest user of A380 need a solution. Emirates have one in the form of the mini charter. As pharma services get busier the A380 is seen as a solution for urgent medical movements.

Emirates A380
Emirates A380. Great for passengers – Now a solution for cargo?

As airlines re-position themselves, cargo is taking the lead in airline planning. Emirates Skycargo determines the A380 will work for cargo operations. As cargo surges and with the demand being for urgent and high-end cargo styles the airline see themselves as a good fit. Their experience in pharma movements works in their favour. As other airlines ground or retire the aircraft Emirates airlines are pressing ahead with re-purposing the aircraft.

Is the A380 the only option for Emirates Skycargo

Emirates freight division offers a variety of options for cargo. Dedicated freighters utilising B777-F and 14 B777-300ER aircraft sit well within the fleet. These B777-300ER aircraft are modified passenger flights. With seats removed, primarily from economy class to increase their cargo carrying capacity. This flexibility within the fleet allows the airline to passenger numbers reducing.

Now working with the engineering and flight operations teams they have been able to configure a solution for the A380. Determining the correct cargo optimisation as 50 Tonnes of cargo in the bellyhold of the aircraft. The first of these flights has already flown according to Emirates. Transporting medical supplies between Seoul and Amsterdam via Dubai.

Emirates and cargo

Emirates is already a leading player within the industry. It’s destination network spreads across 6 continents which has been maintained throughout 2020. Seeing the opportunity and working on providing solutions for pharma as we head towards possible vaccine movements.

Emirates recent announcement confirmed the opening the world’s largest EU GDP compliant airside hub. Based in their home facility of Dubai the facility is designed with COVID-19 in mind. Able to handle the logistical requirements the vaccine will need. This facility coupled with their expanding freighter and mini-charter operations could well be successful for the A380. Helping to Buy the aircraft the time it needs until passengers return to the skies in the numbers needed to sustain the aircraft.

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