Customs Declaration Service ( CDS )

The Customs Declaration Service implementation date which was set in stone by HMRC has slipped. Officially it is still the 01st October 2022 for importers and freight forwarders but some leeway is now allowable. Freight forwarders have already sought to take allowance of this whilst others are still working towards the original date.

XPand Logistics have worked closely with our customers to ensure that our 3PL operations are unaffected by the swithc-over. Training and software development was in place well before the implementation date so we see no reason presently not to push ahead. Our warehousing and customs clearance functions are well aligned for CDS as our are customers.

Mark Reid, Branch Manager, XPand Logistics Manchester.

Implementation readiness not enough to apply for an extension

H.M.Revenue and Customs have stressed that any extension will be short. One freight forwarder has confirmed they have been granted an extension. The extension though is for the period of one month. As CHIEF will not be switched off there is the ability for freight companies and importers to continue to use the service without applying for an extension. HMRC have been very clear in advising that those who continue to use CHIEF without seeking approval will face consequences. One consequence being the removal of the ability to access CHIEF.

Importers and Forwarders still need to switch

H.M.Revenue & Customs

Any extension granted will be short. It is designed to assist those importers who have begun the implementation and training processes on the new system. Any importers who have not started need to do so with some urgency. We are in the last week of the official switch-over date and the new Customs Declaration Service is upon us. Whether you like it or not it will be implemented for importers on the 01st October 2022. Any grace extension will be short as many freight forwarders are prepared. The fallback position of CHIEF should be seen as a way to iron out any kinks in the software. HM Revenue & Customs have worked hard on several issues. Extending the licence waiver document code to accommodate more HS codes so that more entries can go through as and when issues occur.

Customs Declaration Service and port strikes

What will be interesting is the port strike dates. These are set to coincide with the implementation of this new Customs Declaration Service.

  • Liverpool strike dates 19th September to 03rd October
  • Felixstowe Strike dates 27th September to 05th October

This may make any monitoring of port backlogs due to the implementation of CDS difficult. As importers plan delivery loads to coincide with cargo again being available we may well see natural backlogs due to port operations. The strikes may actually assist HM Revenue & Customs to head off issues in those first few days when cargo in ports are not available for delivery.

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