Cargo Ships continue to run aground in 2019

This time it was the Cdry Blue which ran aground on December 21st just off the coast of South Western

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Who’s responsible for unclaimed cargo

The responsibilities of a freight forwarder or NVOCC vary wildly. Having a good set of terms and conditions is key.

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Port of Felixstowe continues to feel the pain

Within the world of shipping, transport and logistics there is a lot going on right now.  What UK importers, Shipping

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Turkish economy in free fall. The effects on road freight and trade

Earlier this week the Turkish lira plunged  by 18% against the dollar in one day as Turkey’s economy goes into

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IMO, CO2 and Vessel Safety

At a time when the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) is coming under increasing pressure to force shipping to act more

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Container ships and safety at sea.

With the updating of SOLAS ( International convention for the safety of life at sea ) and the upgraded rules

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