BSI & TT Club Cargo Theft Report 2018

The BSI group and the TT Club have issued the first edition of a new regular report which assesses cargo theft throughout the industry on a global basis.  The report brings together threat and intelligence data from BSI’s own supply chain security country risk intelligence tool.  “SCREEN and TT Club’s insurance risk management and loss prevention insights”.

Within this report are several key findings, the majority of which reinforce what those within the industry already know.   Globally this report confirms that thefts from trucks dominate the industry.  What may come as a surprise to most though is that 23% of cargo theft is still covered by Hijacking.  Globally this is the largest percentage of theft type but not in Europe or the UK.

This report confirms that globally different types of theft dominate and no one size fits all approach can be taken.  What is clear is a best practice approach to moving cargo is still needed.

European cargo risks

When we look a little closer to home the picture and number changes.  Over 50% of all cargo thefts within Europe happen in the United Kingdom (56%).  Germany in second place with 13% suffers from some of the same issues,  For one the lack of secure parking facilities for trucks.  Hijacking in Europe barely registers, the preferred theft method being slash and grab which account for almost half (48%) of all cargo thefts.  In Europe it is interesting that 27% of cargo thefts occur in rest areas according to this joint report.  For the freight forwarder the question is how is our trucker choosing his rest stops.

BSI & TT Club cargo report in detail

To look at the report and read about all sectors the report can be downloaded here.  For freight forwarders it is a very interesting and thought provoking read.  The report is a clear reminder that the most vulnerable point for cargo theft is when the cargo in in transit.  Careful selection of cargo routes, rest stops and modes of transport can have a big impact.

This clearly also shows the value on ensuring that shippers and consignees understand their incoterms and liabilities in transit and as always.  If it’s on the move it is at risk so ensure you insure it.

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