Bamboo Airways joins the Wide-Bodied club

Bamboo Airways becomes the first private airline in Vietnam to operate wide-bodied aircraft. After receiving a Boeing 787-9 dreamliner the airline continues to develop a strong domestic and international route network.

What does the dreamliner bring to Bamboo Airways

Amongst the most modern members of the 787 family the 9 series is a capable variant of the dreamliner. With a seating capacity of 294 and a longer range than the 787-10 it further strengthens the commitment to International air travel. A boon for a country the size of Vietnam.

Bamboo Airways regards this aircraft model as key to the airline’s medium and long-haul routes. Asia, Europe and America are now with reach in 2020. Since the airlines inception last year they have seen considerable growth. The airline has positioned itself to be a key player in the region and beyond.

Bamboo Airways Dreamliner 787-9 series
Bamboo Airways 787-9 dreamliner takes to the skies

Developing International routes

Bamboo Airways are looking to take their short-haul domestic and inter-asia routes more long range. They have plans to connect Asia with Europe, and North America. Offering flights to Taiwan and Korea the airlines International standing across Asia is growing. The airline now claim that the dreamliner provides flexibility to serve new point-to-point regional and international destinations. These include serving Europe and America. With the medium-haul Far East connections Bamboo Airways could turn Vietnam into a transhipment hub.

The airline now operates 34 Domestic and International routes and continues to rapidly expand their network. The airline fleet expects to reach 30 aircraft by January 2020. Not bad considering the inaugural flight was January 2019. Utilising modern aircraft such as the Boeing 787-9 and the Airbus A321neo adds to the appeal. A good aircraft fleet means excellent levels of comfort. From a Cargo perspective wide-bodied options into Vietnam offers flexibility.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, code sharing agreements Bamboo Airways can sign up to their portfolio. Certainly with the sort of impressive expansion plans they are likely to need airline support. If this support also allows cargo sharing rights Bamboo Airways could become a cargo carrier of choice into the Asian market. Further developing Vietnam as a transhipment hub for the Far East.

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