APL England loses at least 40 containers.

The APL England, a Singapore flagged containership on route to Melbourne from China, has lost at least 40 containers in rough seas off NSW.

The vessel suffered a loss of propulsion in the early hours of the morning. Power was restored within minutes however the ship rocked heavily. The result, multiple container stacks collapsing.

These containers have gone overboard in a region just off Hunter Coast. 63 containers were retrieved from the ocean floor in the same region less than a month ago. Highlighting the danger posed to vessels in the area by heavy seas.

News from the APL England

The master of the vessel reported that 40 containers had been lost and 74 containers were severely damaged. 9 seafreight containers were said to be left protruding from the ship. 6 on the starboard side and 3 on the port.

The vessel continued once power was restored and travelled North to escape the treacherous conditions.

How dangerous is the NSW coast to shipping

There have been several incidents in the region over the last few years. Most notably the YM Efficiency lost 80 containers in heavy seas. Occurring in the same region off Hunter coast.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority concluded a major operation costing a reported $17 million a month ago. Recovering most of the containers lost by the YM Efficiency.

We always recommend insurance when moving goods by sea. The need for insurance is clearly highlighted in this case. If General average is called then uninsured cargo may be very costly.

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