Amazon expands cargo freighter fleet

Amazon have announced plans to boost their cargo freighter fleet by another 12 aircraft. Announced on June 3rd this has come on the back of an announcement to invest in a UK digital disruptor.

Amazon has agreed to lease an additional 12 Boeing 767-300 freighters from Air Trnasport Services Group (ATSG). ATSG Cheif executive Rich Carrado released a statement :

Our combined experience in the industry and access to a fleet of 767 cargo aircraft makes us an ideal partner to suppport the growth of Amazon Air’s fleet

Rich Corrado, ATSG cheif executive

Amazon air cargo freighter fleet

Amazon began operating as Prime air in 2016. They have quickly built a portfolio of 56 leased aircraft. ATSG already leases 26 B767 cargo freighters to Amazon. Amazon has additional contracts with another lease sepcialist. GECAS has a fleet of 12 B737 aircraft to add to their portfolio in 2021.

Operating out of Amazon’s megahub in Cincinnati the company continues to expand it’s cargo presence. The plan in the USA being to expand operations in both Florida in 2020 and at San Bernandino International in 2021.

In 2017 Amazon Air changed it’s name from Amazon Prime Air. The decision being made to differentiate the brand from the drone delivery service. Amazon continue to invest heavily in drone technology. Believing that for that last mile delivery drones are the future.

Securing transport on their own airline to move goods globally. Transferring to drones for the last mile. Ambitious targets but one’s which are moving within reach. There is still a long way to go though. Both Fedex and UPS have a much higher hourly utilisation of their B767 aircraft. reaching more markets with a much higher frequency.

For an airline which is less than 5 years old though Amazon air are developing rapidly. It will be interesting to see what the landscape looks like in March 2026 when they reach 10 years.

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