About us

Forwarders Matter is a collective tool designed primarily to support freight forwarding companies. Born out of Freightaid, A freight forwarding resource originally created in 2001 our latest incarnation begun in 2017.

Developed to put all the tools a freight forwarder needs in one handy place the development of this website is driven by our readers.

Freight forwarders or shippers.

We understand and appreciate that in this day and age shippers are as keen to take personal control of their cargo as they are to leave this to their freight forwarders.

With this in mind a large number of UK shippers now interact and read these articles.

What makes us different is that the team have well over 30 years experience within the freight forwarding industry. We do not promote the freight forwarding companies we work/have worked for but use this expertise to write informative articles of interest to our targetted readership.

Our articles are not click-bait and we are not here to make money from advertising. Although we have a small number of google ads on the site the money generated is only used to pay for the upkeep of the website. Nobody working on Forwarders Matter takes a salary from the site.

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