AAcargo listen to feedback on ULD’s

As aacargo continues to tweak their service range they continue to adjust their service levels based on customer feedback.

In September 2018 one of the updates made was to their demurrage policy on ULD’s. Looking to get a a handle on their ULD inventory they have introduced demurrage charges after 5 days. This was done to ensure they had enough ULD’s on hand for their cargo customers. It also made it easier to track these ULD’s and position them where needed.

After feedback from the freight forwarding community they are adjusting this policy. Any ULD’s released from the 01st June 2019 will not incur demurrage charges for the first 7 days. Any ULD’s already released will remain on the 5 day demurrage plan. This should ease the concerns of some of AAcargo’s biggest cargo customers.

AAcargo wide-bodied services span the globe

AAcargo’s reach around the world is vast. As of the end of 2018 they listed 954 aircraft within their fleet making it the largest commercial fleet in the world. They predict 950 by the end of 2019 as they phase out some older aircraft and replace with newer Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Embraer and McDonell Douglas aircraft should have transitioned completely from the fleet come 2020.

Wide-bodied services ex the USA they operate from 10 hubs . Europe / Australasia South America and the Far East are all served. Keeping control of ULD inventory across such a large network is key to controlling costs.

With a lot of those services being seasonal it is key that American Airlines ensure they do not leave behind ULD’s in far flung countries. Leaving a ULD abroad for 6 months and essentially out of service is a cost any airline can ill afford.

Those wide-bodied services that AAcargo operate internally in the USA are less of a risk for ULD’s as these can be moved around by truck. Costly if they are being moved empty but essential if they are to be streamlined. . Keeping ULD stock in their busiest hubs available to customers is key to working to maximum efficiency.

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